Daniel Shays and Followers Declare Their Intent of Protect Themselves Against “Tyranny,” 1787
Pelham, January 15th, 1787.
According to undoubted intelligence received from various part of this Commonwealth, it is determined by the Governor and his adherents, not only to support the Court of Common Please and General Sessions of the Peace, to be holden at Worcester next week, by point of sword, but to crush the power of the people at one bold stroke, and render them incapable of ever opposing the cruel power. Tyranny, hereafter, by bringing those who have stepped forth to ward off the evil that threatens the people with immediate ruin, to an unconditional submission, and their leaders with an infamous punishment. Notwithstanding it is thought prudent, by a number of officers and others, convened at Pelham on the 15th Jan… to consult on the exigencies of the present times, that they people of the country of Hampshire immediately assemble in arms, to support and maintain, not only the rights and liberties of the people, since our opponents, by their hasty movement, refuse to give opportunity to wait the effect of their prayers and petitions. This is therefore to desire you to assemble the company under your command, well-armed and equipped, with ten days provision, and march there in season, to be at or near Dr. Hind’s in Pelham, by Friday the 19th instant, there further orders.
D. Shay
J. Powers
R. Dickinson
J. Bordwell
J. Billings