First discussion:

Americans today have a strong understanding of individual freedoms and the rights acknowledged by the government. Understanding freedoms is so important to Americans that they are reminded of their rights frequently by law enforcement, media, and political figures. Part of the reason freedoms are so well known and valued is due to the influence of education. Education is required of all American children. Due to the prevalence of education, illiteracy is practically nonexistent in America. Because Americans can read and write so well, they are fully capable of studying the American government and learning about their rights and freedoms as Americans. It is nationally accepted that Americans should be able to know and understand the government as well as take part in it. Also, America was built on the belief that humans have innate rights and the government’s purpose is to serve and protect the people and their rights. This deep desire for personal freedoms stems from the Protestant Reformation and its influence on governments. The first immigrants to America came with the purpose of going someplace they could worship and govern freely without the restrictions of authoritarian governments. The Founding Fathers understood the need for a government that blatantly acknowledged the freedoms and rights of citizens and encouraged Americans to understand them for themselves. Citizens were also encouraged to reveal injustices by other individuals as well as the government. This is evidence of how highly freedoms and rights were valued in the founding years of the nation. The government told citizens that their personal freedoms were more important than even the government itself. This strong belief in the preservation of rights has developed over decades of influence by the Protestant Reformation and the lasting influence the reformers had on history.

Second Discussion:

In America today, freedom, rights and government are very important aspects to our society and culture. Within the reading of “The Impact of the Protestant Reformation”, we read “when people saw that they could read the Bible as individuals, they were free to interpret as they chose; so why were they not also able to choose their own leaders and government as well?” This, in my eyes, opened up the door for Democracy. This way of governing people has been used for many years and it is what we use to this day. All over the world there are forms of governments with tyrants and dictators. We are blessed to live in a democracy. In America, as a free people, we are able to walk, talk, read, and worship freely. In many countries, such as India for example, Christians are persecuted daily for proclaiming their faith whether it to be silently or vocally. Christians in the country of India are beaten, battered, and martyred for worshipping God. A perfect example backing up Dr. Dennis Rawls essay where he stated, “creating in its wake people willing to be martyred for newfound beliefs based on an individual’s freedom to choose.” (Dennis E. Rawls p. 488). It is much different in America. Upon reading the essay and as I dove deeper into it, reading about change, reformation and government relationships. What we can relate that to today, is the racial tension in America that many people are fighting to put an end to. Fighting with marches, rallies, peaceful protests. Whether you believe it to be right or wrong is not the point of this forum, but to strictly explain a modern-day comparison. There are many comparisons and many differences with modern day compared to the Protestant Reformation.

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