Article writing homework help.

A crucial element of argument is concession and refutation; a well-structured argument must address the opposing point of view.
Then, watch these videos:1.   How to Write an Argument Essay   from the University of Maryland2.

2.  Writing the Counter-Argument and Rebuttal  from Ashley Clark.Read the articles:

1.    How to Make an Argument from UNC Writing Center


2.    Refutation Paragraphs from Paola Brown’s English Spot .
Download and read the attached PowerPoint.
Finally, you will write THREE paragraphs:
1. Paragraph one summarizes the assignment; this describes the main points of the article/video/PowerPoint.
2. Paragraph two analyzes the rhetorical effectiveness of audience and purpose
3. Paragraph three is your response: what you learned; how this information might influence your writing.

Article writing homework help