Based on the film Kahaani (Netflix) and Mary N Wood’s article, (feel free to only focus on the film Kahaani) critically reflect on:

  • The ways in which the narrative qualifies as a feminist film as it articulates the rise of new femininity and her complex negotiation with tradition and modernity in contemporary India.


Based on the film The Namesake (Amazon, iTunes) and Sue Brennan’s article “Time, Space and National Belonging in The Namesake,” critically reflect on:

  • The lived reality of South Asian American immigrants along the lines of gender, class, and home.
  • Sue Brennan’s claim that “the cinematic adaptation of The Namesake generates a new spatiotemporal state of affairs, one in which the iconography of 9/11 both challenges post-9/11 racial logics and destabilizes the singular, progressive, and institutionalized temporality through which Lahiri writes South Asian American immigrants back into nation.”