Based on the scenario for the Week Two Individual Assignment and utilizing the work you have done on the Security Assessment Plan and Security Assessment Report, develop a corresponding Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M).
Part 1 – Password Policy:
Complete a 1- to 2-page detailed Password Policy using the Wk 5 Assignment Template Password document.
Part 2 – POA&M:
Build the POA&M.
Complete a 2- to 3-page POA&M using the Wk 5 Assignment Template POAM document and the information from the SAR you completed in Week 4.
Part 3 – Communication to Leadership:
Communicate the POA&M to Leadership by developing a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation documenting the POA&M specifics for each vulnerability, to be presented to the leadership of Health Coverage Associates.
Include the following for each vulnerability as transcribed from the POA&M Template:
An introduction slide
Accurately summarize the life cycle approach taken based on NISTSP 800-30 and including the Six Steps and Artifacts from each Step (e.g., SAP, SAR, POA&M)
Summarize each line item in the POA&M
Foreach vulnerability, logically justify the following:
Scheduled Completion Date
Required Resources
Organizational Department
A conclusion slide
Detailed speaker notes
Be sure to include supportive graphics and appropriate backgrounds and styles. All references need to adhere to APA guidelines. Images should not be copied unless author permission is obtained or copyright-free images are used.
Let me know if you need anything to help with this.