First, read the document “10 Successful American Businesses That Have Failed Overseas” and answer the following questions about two of the 10 stories: (please answer questions based on the document and video I provided. no outside sources)

1. What incentives did the company have to enter the new market and what were the basic benefit(s) they sought (see the first figure below and slides)?

2. What International Corporate level Strategy did they choose? What would you choose, why?

3. What were some of the political, economic, and cultural risks the companies weren’t aware of or underestimated leading to their poor performance?

Then read the article “How Netflix Expanded to 190 Countries in 7 Years” and answer the following questions:

4. What lessons could be learned from Netflix’s international strategy? Do you think this strategy is feasible for other companies?

5. What advice would you give Netflix to help them remain successful overseas?

Watch either the Michael Marks, Janet Ang, or Manuel Medina-Mora videos (or all 3 but only answer the questions for 1) and answer the following questions:  link to 3 mins video: 

6. Do you agree with the leader’s decision? Why?

7. Can you think of a plausible alternative?

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