Business & Finance homework help. Assignment 1:  Each individual student will prepare an individual research paper that compares and contrasts the American and Chinese economies in terms of using global, ethical, political, physical, and societal indicators.  Does the size and growth of the economies of the two nations have any relationship to capitalism and democracy?  What is the impact of the Internet on the two national economies?  How do these nations define capitalism in relation to national political policies?  Is there a relationship between economic growth and personal freedom with the two nations?
Assignment 2: Each student must choose an industry business model for which he/she will develop an operations and financial plan, including web technologies.  What is your Operations Plan?  What products or services will you market, and what will the website feature? How will this site actually operate?  How will this be different from the competition?  Be comprehensive. What is your Financial Plan?  The Financial Plan should include a statement of the financial assumptions used to generate the plan numbers, a break-even analysis that identifies the amount of sales needed to cover fixed and variable expenses, a statement of the sources and uses of funds that explains how the e-business expects to secure capital and how it will spend it, the ownership of the e-business, and what the expected return on the business is.  Prepare an issues analysis and critical risk statement that identifies threats and opportunities the e-business will face including economic, market and environmental considerations.  What unique features will your webpage have that will assure the effective implementation of the business model?
Requirements: double-spaced, less than 5 pages, no word requirements, can be any legitimate company or product, refer to Business plan template.
Assignment 3: Three case study

  • Google’s Handling of the Echo Chamber Manifesto – Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.
  • Raiding Customer Assets at MF Global – Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.
  • This Land is Your Land – Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

Requirements: double-spaced, no more than three pages in three cases, no word requirement.

Business & Finance homework help