Computer-aided design is a major component of modern engineering and rapid prototyping.  To celebrate your future career in modern engineering, we are offering the opportunity to earn points for generating a computer-aided design of a scientific apparatus.  Typically students use Solidworks software, however other programs can generate sufficient files.

In order to gain credit in this exercise, you will need to submit files that clearly demonstrate that the authorship and artistry of the design is yours.  Zipped files are best. Solidworks assemblies are welcome, as long as all component files are present so that they can be opened.

Student projects are assessed upon difficulty, accuracy, and accompanying word file explanation of the use of the apparatus and its influence on science.

Designs used for your Solidworks design course are not accepted for credit. This means that mechanical pencils, bicycle gears and pedals, as well as other assignments given in that course will not gain credit.  The design has to be new, and has to be chemistry apparatus.