Computer Science homework help. BLCN 532 Blockchain Development
Summer 2020 Residency Group Project
This residency project gives you the opportunity to review what you’ve learned so far this
semester and present a range of topics in the form of a policy that describes participants in a
new enterprise blockchain application, along with roles associated with each participant type
and unique attributes associated with each user. The purpose of your policy is to describe your
novel enterprise blockchain application, define the types of participants, and define the roles,
attributes, and associated permissions. New and existing participants and users will use this
policy to understand their privileges in your enterprise blockchain application and blockchain
security administrators will use the policy as a guideline in setting up users and their associated
Part 1 (Written Policy Paper)
Take what you’ve learned about the Letter of Credit business network and develop a novel
business application that relies on enterprise blockchain functionality. Describe your business
idea, focusing on how enterprise blockchain technology is central to its value and uniqueness.
Create an enterprise blockchain participant policy that describes the types of participants and
their associated roles and user attributes in your novel business network. Your body of your
policy should be no less than 1000 words and no more than 1500 words. The document you
submit should in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) and be named using the following
• SECTION is the section number of your current course (2 digits)
Your policy should include the following:
1) Purpose statement of the business network (i.e. blockchain environment)
Do NOT use the Letter of Credit business network. Come up with a new idea.
a. Describe your business environment (what business are you in?)
b. Describe what value your blockchain app provides.
c. Describe what value your blockchain app provides to your existing and potential
customers and partners.
2) Description of the current (base) network (participants and roles)
3) Brief description of upcoming features in the next quarterly release that will require
additional permissions. (Be creative, but realistic here. Think about what the existing
application does, and what features you’d like to add that would increase the
application’s usefulness and value. Analyzing current functionality and determining
which features would best meet business needs will be a big part of assessing this
4) Describe each user attribute and the permissions each attribute aligns with in an
attribute-based access control environment. The point here is to think of how your
business network and application will be used, and what users need to use and manage
5) Explain how user attributes align with roles to implement ABAC.
6) Describe any onboarding and offboarding procedures necessary to align permissions
with active users.
7) Cite at least 5 external, peer reviewed scholarly resources to support your policy with
respect to enterprise blockchain application identification, authentication, and
The purpose of this project is to digest the material you’ve learned throughout this semester
into a paper that could be used to describe user authorization controls and lead to procedures
to enforce stated guidelines.
Your policy document should present a clear and concise description of what individual
business network members are allowed to do, why blockchain technology provides superior
benefits to solutions based on other technologies, and the onboarding and offboarding
processes for users. The overall goal is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you
understand how this example blockchain technology use case implementation aligns with
existing, and prospective, member business goals.
Your paper must be in APA format, including citations and references, but I’m not particularly
concerned with the specific format you select for the paper’s body.
Part 2 (Policy Presentation)
Each group will create and deliver a presentation of their paper to the class. Each group
member must participate in the presentation. Your presentation must sufficiently cover the
contents of your policy paper. Further specifications on length and coverage requirements will
be provided on the first residency class meeting.
At the end of the residency weekend, each group will submit their paper (Microsoft Word
format) and the slides used in their presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint format.)

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