Week 10 Simulation Tool Assignment

  1. Please conduct some research and find an article on Simulation/Modeling Tools.  Produce a review that is at least 500 word written in APA and submitted as an MS Word document describing the tools:  its inputs, outputs, displays and dashboards, how is the tools used.  Snapshot of a dashboard would be a plus.  At a minimum, these are the items that I will be grading:
    1.  Originality:  Your work must be your own.
    2.  Source:  The article must to posted and/or a link to the article must be submitted as a separate document. (Yes, it should be two documents submitted.)
    3.  Notability:  The article must notable documentation on simulation/modeling tool.
    4.  Content:  The review must consider thoughts on the:   a) inputs & outputs; b) displays and dashboards and general uses.
    5.  Format:  The submission must be in APA format.
    6.  Grammar:  No grammatical errors is the standard for graduate-level work.
    7.  Word Count:  The submission must have at least 500 words of related content.  (This word-count does not include cover page, table of content, abstract, reference page(s), citations, pictures or charts.)
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