1. Calibri an online clothing retailer with over 1,000 employees has experienced rapid growth over the past 18 months. This growth has strained its IT capacity, and leadership suspects that some of its IT solutions aren’t scalable and won’t support the company going forward.
    The company has contracted you, as a business IT consultant, to research and recommend the best software solutions to support its accounting and financial functions. It has also asked you to choose another function you believe represents the greatest opportunity to contribute to the company’s ongoing success (such as operations/logistics, customer relationship management, supply chain management, support, or another function of your choosing), and research and recommend the best software solutions for that function as well.
    To complete this assignment:
    Write a 2-page business recommendation that ties the business’s needs to potential software solutions. Your assignment should include the following for each of your recommendations:

    • Software solution
    • Purpose/description
    • Cost
    • Benefits/drawbacks