Computer Science homework help.

The Seven Hats of Data visualization Design can be used to help us improve our own capabilities at any stage in the process. Using the gallery of 49 chart types from Chapter 6 provides the following:

  1. Select 2 chart type options from the gallery of 49 presented in Chapter 6.
  2. Provide your perspective on what the tasks/actions and objectives could be for each “hats” if you were completing the data visualization by yourself and not on a team.

Provide the response to include the type of chart and list each “hat” and provide your answer.
Chart Option 1: Bubble Plot
Seven Hats:

  1. Project Manager: Tasks/actions for this chart option could be to create a checklist for the bubbles. The objective of this chart option for the project manager would be to work on this daily.
  2. Communicator:
  3. Scientist:
  4. Data Analyst:
  5. Journalist:
  6. Designer:
  7. Technologist:
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Computer Science homework help