DB: Reflection

Using the questions in the Reflecting on Your Capstone model above, discuss your experience this term.  Did you achieve your goals for the final product that you set at the beginning?  Do you expect to receive any feedback from the stakeholders in this project?  If so, what might that be?

Note, this is an opinion, there is no right or wrong answer.

Discuss similarities and differences of this experience with your colleagues.

Unit 8 DB: Identity Theft Article

After having reviewed many traditional forms of white collar crime during the course, we end the course with a look towards the future.  Although identity theft has been a popular topic in recent years, it exponetial growth warrants our study of it here.  Thus, I have selected two readings recently published, one from Police Chief magazine (the official publication of the International Association of Chiefs of Police) and the second from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (the official publication of the FBI).  I did this to provide each of you with an example of what current police practitioners and decision makers are receiving on their desks so that you have an understanding for what is currently happening in law enforcement.

As current or future criminal justice practitioners, what are your responses to these two articles?  What is you view of the future of this issue?  What can the police do to combat it?  What about individual responsibility to protect oneself from becoming a victim?