What feedback can you you give me about my design listed below? What area would you improve if any?


Questionnaire Design

According to Malec and Newman (2013), “one of the most important elements when conducting survey research is deciding how to construct and assemble the questionnaire items (p. 4.2).”  In today’s social media places, a high interest on body image, which makes teenagers feel like they have to a high standard for others to make them feel less then beautiful.  To understand if the teenagers has a true concept of what body image is the questionnaire would have to have some background information.  The research topic/question would be: What impact does media play in developing teenagers and body image?

    1. What is body image?
    2. How is it developed?
    3. Does the media play a part in how a person develops their body image?
    4. What are some of the positive effect’s media has on body image?
    5. What are some of the negative effect’s media has on body image?
    6. What can the media do to lessen the negative effects of body image?

The questions on the questionnaire needs to have five criteria’s:

    1. Use simple language
    2. Be precise
    3. Use neutral language
    4. Ask one question at a time
    5. Avoid negations (Malec and Newman, 2013, p. 4.2).

This ensures that the questions will be clear and understood so they can be answered in the correct manner.