Group Discussion – disability
Starting this week, take some time to read over  and respond to each group members’  memory of oppression submission. Respond directly on the memory of oppression board.
Next, use this Group Discussion Board  to start brainstorming together how you can challenge and subvert oppression in your group’s RANK by using higher level agent and target skills. Each person should write down one personal experience of resistance in your group’s rank. Post these personal experiences HERE on the group discussion board. For example, if your group’s rank is  gender, then you could talk about your own experiences with feminist work and activism. This could include books or films you have seen, protests, or just daily acts of resistance that you have witnessed or authored.
If you are stumped when it comes to acts of resistance you have seen, and you can’t think of any examples, take a look at the BEAUTIFUL TROUBLE (Links to an external site.) archive, and post about what you find in your particular RANK area.