discuss a current challenge/issue facing an organization having to do with diversity, cultural intelligence, inclusion or otherness.  You will want to state the situation, how what we have been learning about in class applies to the situation, and based upon what you are learning in this class, what would you recommend to the leaders of the organization to rectify the situation.
This is the exact discussion board and questions that need to be answered:

Week 8.1 Discussion (Reflection)

Retrospective Insights – Focus on Current events (Reflection)
During the last several weeks, we have been reviewing and analyzing theories, ideas & concepts, and their application to organizational issues surrounding leadership in diverse and multicultural organizations.
Focus on an organization that has been in the headlines during the time you have been enrolled in OLCU 425 (8 week term).
Address the following (this organization should meet two (2) or more of the below criteria in order for you to respond and offer your initial post in this forum):

  • What is the name of the organization and are they publicly facing a challenge/issue surrounding diversity, cultural intelligence, inclusion or embracing ‘otherness?’
  • Define the issue/challenge and cite at least two sources of public information (this may include a news article or fact based story on the challenge/issue facing the organization).
  • What theory, idea or concept from our course readings and topics covered would you apply to describe the challenge the organization is facing?
  • What action steps would you suggest the organization take to improve their current situation?

Cite and support your answer.