Reply to the following threads with not less than 450 words, 2 references, and all in APA format.
DB 1
Topic # 1: Integrity in Research
Question/Prompt: Provide an examination of at least 1 biblical text that can be used as an argument for a Christian’s responsibility to conduct research with integrity. Cite and summarize the biblical text. Next, locate a news story or article that speaks to academic research misconduct. Provide specific applications of the biblical text to the story. This thread must be 400–500 words. Please include word counts in parentheses at the end of every post and reply.
DB 2
Topic #2: Identifying a Research Topic
Question/Prompt: Identify a real-world problem found in an educational setting that needs to be solved. The problem must warrant further investigation as a potential capstone topic. Introduce your classmates to the topic and explain why it needs further investigation. Briefly identify the problem (i.e. the related issues) and current literature addresses the problem. Use the language below to help guide your discussion:
“The purpose of my applied study will be to solve the problem of ________________ (identify the problem of practice) for ____________ (identify site/setting, participants, and stakeholders). Literature that addresses this problem states that…”