Directions:  Using your notes, the powerpoint, and this Khan Academy Link, create multiple choice quiz for another group.   Your goal is to create 7 multiple choice questions using the following documents.  Your questions should be challenging and more than simple definitions.  You are trying to create higher order thinking questions to demonstrate mastery of an idea from class.


  • Multiple choice Questions
  • Questions have to go with the document.
  • Questions can not be definitions.
  • Answers must be ideas from the lesson.
  • At least 1 Question per document
  • Answers must be more than a few words.
  • Make sure your answers are different choice.  (Not all are A)
  • Place your name next to each question you create

Document 1:  

Document 2: 

Characteristics of the Late 1800s Industrial Revolution

  • Need for large labor force
  • Development of steam power
  • Use of metal farm equipment

Document 3:  

Document 4: 

This [Industrial] change has been owing chiefly to the mechanical inventions which introduced the cotton trade into this country, and to the cultivation of the cotton tree in America. The wants, which this trade created for the various materials multiplied operations, caused an extraordinary demand for almost all the manufactures and for human labor.

Adapted from Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System by Robert Owen, 1817

Document 5:

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