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Peer Feedback Questions

  1. Whose draft are you responding to?
  2. Audience Awareness:  Your audience for the memo are WRIT professors who have not taken this section of WRIT 1122. Given that the audience knows nothing about the specific assignments and WPs in this class, how well does the author explain the WP’s purpose, the WP’s audience, the WP’s argumentative approach?
  3. Which learning goal is best discussed and why?
  4. Which WP is best discussed and why?
  5. Which learning goal and which WP could be more fully discussed and why?
  6. In relation to the learning goals the author discusses, offer three suggestions of work done in and out of class over the last 10 weeks that the author could use as evidence to support their claim.
  7. What should the writer prioritize when they revise?

Two feedback

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English homework help