300 words response :

Watch Jose Antonio Vargas’ film Documented (89 minutes). Choose a scene in Vargas’ film and then, in a 2-3 paragraph response of about 200-400 words, conduct a close reading of that scene in relation to the film’s main goal, e.g. documenting the experience of an immigrant who is undocumented. For example, in your close reading, you may focus on dialogue, soundtrack, camera techniques, visual composition, or shot sequencing, e.g. lighting, shots, edits, angles, camera movements, transitions. Include a screen shot/grab of your chosen scene.

5 pages essay:

Expand your response paper into an essay by including a thesis statement in your introductory paragraph; and adding at least one more close-reading example that backs up your thesis.  if you choose to expand your response paper about Jose Antonio Vargas’ film Documented, choose additional scenes from the documentary and conduct close-readings of those scenes (with attached screenshot).

link to movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Uv6LFtsaio&ab_channel=YouTubeMovies