Annotated Bibliography



Compose an annotated bibliography that summarizes 3-5 sources on a specific controversial issue in your field of study (business and engineering) that will serve as the focus of your upcoming argumentative essay.

If you would like to review those assignment instructions, they are available here: Essay #3: Argument Essay.


-should minimum wage be increased

– Should automotive companies continue to pursue driverless vehicle technology?

Also, if you need a refresher on Broward College’s eight career pathways, you may view them on BC’s “Programs and Degrees” webpage.

In addition to citing and summarizing your sources properly, you must also explain the relevance of each source to your essay’s argument and how you plan to incorporate the information into your writing.

Also, in order to facilitate collaboration, one of the sources must be an interview with a professional in the field (e.g., a college professor, a friend or family member working in the profession, etc.).


Your grade will derive from your abilities to choose a variety of effective and appropriate sources on your controversial topic, to cite those sources properly according to MLA formatting guidelines, to efficiently summarize the main arguments of each source and then explain to your audience the purpose and function that source will play in the building of your eventual argument essay.

Consult the Annotated Bibliography Rubric for a detailed list of the criteria that comprise A, B, C, D, and F assignments.


You should submit a typed and double-spaced work cited page containing 3-5 entries, each summary being about 100-200 words.

Use Times New Roman font in 12-pt size.

Format your paper according to MLA guidelines.