Paper description

Please write a two page thoughtfully written paper on Jomon Pottery and your experience building your project. This paper should list sources for information and have visual examples, which can be historical or your work in progress.

Questions to answer in the paper

  • What is Jomon pottery?
  • Who were the Jomon people?
  • What makes Jomon pottery unique?
  • How were these pots built?
  • What is your favorite thing about Jomon pottery?
  • What difficulties did you have building your Jomon vessel?
  • If you were going to build another Jomon pot what would you do different next time?
  • What did you learn about Jomon Pottery?

Make sure you paper includes your name and a date on top, and make sure you include at least three images, the paper should be two full pages without the images included.

The questions are a rough guideline, so if you do not answer all of them it is fine.