You are applying to be part of a diversity, inclusion, and ethics team at your school or workplace.  As part of the application process, you must write a cover letter to the head of the Diversity and Ethics committee.  There are two things you must include in the cover letter.

1 Address the two questions about you and your background.

2. Write a one-paragraph response to the scenario provided.

Each paragraph of your cover letter (there will be three in total )should be at least five to seven sentences long.


Use this template to write the first 2 paragraphs for your cover letter.  Each paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences long.

Paragraph 1.

Describe how your background and unique perspective would be a valuable addition to the team.  Which sociological concepts we’ve explored in this course might help you making the case?  Think of aspects like your background, experience and talents

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