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There are TWO assignments to be done first is the outline and second one is the whole speech.

Please follow the instructor carefully. There is sample outline file attached below and for the speech the structure is written down below.

My Reflection… Who am I speech

What do you want people to know about you? Well first, think about where you have been, where you are now, and where you would like to be in the future. In this speech, you’ll be reflecting on three parts of your life. The purpose of this speech to self-reflect, apply interpersonal theory, and tell the audience what we should know about you then, now, and hopefully in the future…

In your speech, start off with your history (for example, when and where you were born, where you lived (cities/states), where you went to school(s), and who you lived with). Then, describe your present life (for example, what we should know about you now, transformation you recently accomplished as an adult, life lesson you learned and currently apply to your life). And lastly, your future plans (for example, what will you do after you finish classes at Miramar College, what you will do for work, where you may travel, how you will make a difference, what you want to pass on to your future generations). The speech should have an introduction (albeit brief), body and conclusion with transitions in between each point.

Remember the speech is timed. Oftentimes, we can speak for a long time about something we know well, like ourselves. So plan and practice carefully. You want to be clear and concise.

Overall Delivery Goals:

By now, you should have mastered effectively delivering content within the time frame, incorporating an interesting attention getter and final appeal, having a stable rate/flow delivery, mirroring introduction and conclusion, and strong organizational content (i.e., transitions and previews), and overall delivery (are you showing nervous behaviors like fidgeting? Or not making effective eye contact?).

For this next speech, you should focus on the appropriate level of delivery. You are talking about yourself. The nonverbal delivery should be more relaxed, but still in a professional setting.

You are welcome to include a visual aid of some sort if it helps you with your personal story. This can be done on powerpoint and you share your screen. Powerpoint should only be 5 slides. This should be used to AID you, not overtake the whole speech.

Here is a guide of what you may decide to cover. No, you won’t be able to cover all of these points so be selective with what you want to share:

If you’re not able to open the link, here is the image I have attached below for the a guide of what you may decide to cover .

Stuck?? If you are stuck, try creating a timeline of your major life events. Refer to this class activity.

Final Notes: What do I really want to share… please, share information you are comfortable sharing. If you have an inkling you will struggle while sharing a very sensitive story, perhaps don’t share too many details about that experience. After my beloved and revered Grandpaw passed, I was so sad I could barely speak about the death without having an ugly cry. It’s been 5 years and I am only beginning to be comfortable sharing about the sad loss in my life. If I was presenting a speech, I wouldn’t want to share too many details about him if I couldn’t control my emotions. It is still a graded speech afterall!

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