Answer the following 5 questions (directly on Blackboard or attaching a document. ONLY WORD DOCS or PDF).

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-Each answer can get up to 20 points.

-The deadline is Monday, December 14th, 2020 at MIDNIGHT.

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  1. Explain what is a formal film analysis and, in your own words, how did you approach the task of analyzing your film for this class (what did you learn while doing it, the most difficult part of it, etc).


  1. What’s the main connection between a film director and a cinematographer? How do you think this affects the final film? How the cinematography of Christopher Doyle/ Alfonso Cuarón affects the film Hero/ Roma? Do you see any connections between Hero/ Roma and the film you analyze for this class? (You have to choose one. Either Hero OR Roma, one of them, depending on the film you used for the Assignment on Cinematography)150 WORDS MINIMUM/ 20 POINTS
  2. Editing is very important for the final result of a film. Actually: there is no film without editing. FILM EDITING influences the story, the pace, the rhythm of the film and is essential for the continuity of the plot. Explain how Daniel Rezende’s editing was important in the film City of God. How editing was important for the film you have analyzed for this class (the one for your final presentation)?


  1. If you would make a documentary about your own life. Explain a little bit of the following elements of your documentary:

-The plot (no more than 50 words)

-The structure (linear/non-linear/ structure/ use of flashbacks?

-Camera movement/camera placement/ kind of shots

-Use of B-roll, interviews (who would be interviewed, why them?)

-Kind of editing (transitions, jump cuts, parallel editing/ traditional/ innovative?)

-Soundtrack: what kind of music? You need to specify at least 4 songs and explain why.

Would you make your documentary closer to the style of Benjelloul’s Searching for Sugar Man or Moore’s What to Invade Next (or any other documentary you know about?)


  1. Explain the importance of Mise-en-scene in Pan’s Labyrinth and the film you have analyzed for this class. Don’t forget to mention details about the setting, the make-up, costumes. Write if the shooting of your film took place in a location or in a studio. Why? 150 WORDS MINIMUM/ 20 POINTS