you are responding to a presentation you have to use the following criteria to guide your response.

getting points by responding to presentations.  following the guidelines in the below.


  • Policy issue is relevant today and connects to course content and material.
  • Clearly articulated problem definition supported by evidence
  • Clearly identifies a need or opportunity that can be addressed through policy change
  • Reflects a strong grasp of the background and context of a particular policy problem & current policies in this field
  • Presents an innovative or unique policy solution or a set of solutions
  • Clearly justifies why a particular policy is an appropriate response to a particular problem
  • Discussing the relative strengths and weaknesses of existing and alternative solutions and identifying and addressing potential counter-arguments
  • Presents arguments that are justified by evidence and citations to appropriate sources
  • Provides a clear overview of the steps that should be followed for the implementation
  • Features indicators, metrics, or approaches that can be used to measure policy impact
  • attachment