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One  of the most important sections of any proposal is the section that  explains the rationale and significance. In this homework exercise, you  will evaluate this section of a proposal. 
(Directions: Read  through the example sections provided below. The first is a successful  example of a rationale and significance statement; the second is not as  successful. Note the difference. Then, find a proposal online that  contains a rationale and significance statement (or some version of it),  post a link to the proposal, and then evaluate the content of this  particular section. Does is successfully fulfill the requirements of  this section? Use the Tebeaux (page 228-229) text as a guide).
Successful rationale and significance statement:
A  1999 report from the New York State Department of Health showed that  the Town of Libraryfield ranked among the worst in the state over a  3-year average for infant mortality, low birth weight and premature  births, late entry into prenatal  care, unmarried parents, teen pregnancies, and poverty. An Everywhere  County Prenatal Focus Group report revealed that communication by  families and doctors is generally poor. There is a need for information  on: childbirth education opportunities, support services, childbirth  preparation, breastfeeding, sibling preparation for a new  baby, and postpartum depression. The focus group indicated that the  public library could be helpful in directing new parents to resources  and materials. In order to meet this need, the library proposes a grant  program to expand collections and programs by linking for the first time  with family practitioners and the Libraryfield Memorial Hospital to  reach expectant and post-partum mothers and their children.
Explanation: This is a good example of a rationale and  significance statement. The author first references the community  problem through a report by a state organization and then mentions  findings from a local committee. A focus group in the planning stages is  providing information regarding the target population and their needs.  It is important to note where you get the information – a documented  problem has more weight than a general observation by one person. There  is a clear definition of the problem: there is not a dissemination of  information about pregnancy into the community, and there is a clear  role for the library. This project naturally fulfills a library’s  mission statement of providing information to the community. There is  mention of appropriate partners that work directly with the target  population.
Problematic rationale and significance statement:
Libraryfield  is an economically depressed community with many people out of work. In  the past, this community has been a thriving little town but with many  industries moving out there is a large segment of the population who  need help. Libraryfield has a population of teen mothers living in  poverty. The library can help this population by providing services. The  library will expand their family services collection by 1,500 titles  dealing with pregnancy needs. The library and its partners will also  offer eight programs over the grant year dealing with such pregnancy  topics as: breastfeeding, prenatal care, post-partum depression and  more. The addition of a grant-funded staff member to coordinate efforts  with the local medical field will make the project a success.
Explanation: This needs statement can be improved. The author  should cite how the community problem of teen pregnancy was discovered.  Is this from a report or survey? The needs statement should focus on the  target population and why they need services. Be brief in the  description of the project – the bulk of the information will go in the  project description section of the narrative.
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English homework help