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Read Ch. 6 and listen to the video lecture before answering these questions.
Note: Please use complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling. Proper writing and clarity of thoughts are important in getting full credit.  Please double space your answers.

  1. What would happen if we just stopped emitting GHGs today? Would global warming just stop instantly? Explain your answer. (5 points)


  1. What is a radiative forcing? What is a feedback mechanism? (4 pts)


  1. How do GHGs, aerosols, and land-use/land changes affect the Earth’s atmospheric radiative balance? What are the specific radiative forcing values that the text (2ndedition) gives if any? (9 pts)


  1. How might a large explosive volcano affect the climate of earth? (2 points)


  1. Thoroughly explain2 fast feedbacks and 2 slow feedbacks described in Chapter 6 and identify whether each is a positive or a negative. (10 pts)

6.(not related to the video)
Be creative and come up with a positive or a negative feedback loop of Earth’s climate system of your own, and share on this discussion. Feel free to do some research and cite any resources. Please explain why your scenario is a positive or a negative feedback loop on the climate.
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