• Read the following two papers related to the evaluation of clinical DSSs:
    • Berner, E.S., Webster, G.D., Shugerman, A.A., Jackson, J., Algina, J., Baker, A.L., Ball, E.V., Cobbs, G.G., Dennis, V.W., Frenkel, E.P., Hudson, L.D., Mancall, E.L., Rackley, C.E., & Taunton, O.D. (1994, June 23). Performance of four computer-based diagnostic decision support systems. New England Journal of Medicine, 330(25),1792-96. Retrieved from
    • Berner, E.S., Jackson, J.R., & Algina, J. (1996). Relationships among the performance scores of four diagnostic decision support systems. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: JAMIA, 3(3), 208-15. Retrieved from
  • Identify a minimum of four (4) key elements involved in conducting an evaluation of DSS solutions.
  • Submit your report for grading. Your report should be in Microsoft Word format. Cite all sources in APA format.