The objective of this paper is for you to understand and be able to apply various styles of leadership behaviors into your own leadership style and approach. You should develop action plans to achieve your leadership goals and objectives. This paper is required for graduate students only.
This paper should contain the following components:
1) Executive Summary (not to exceed one page)
2) An introduction and summary of leadership ideas and philosophies from your readings.
3) Developing your own principles of leadership and a portrait of an ideal leader as follows: definition of leadership, traits, characteristics, styles, attitudes, and models.
4) Your plans for achieving your goals and objectives. What types of skills, behaviors, attitudes and other factors that you need to focus on for your achievement?
5) A paper that should not exceed 10 pages (double space), excluding cover page, executive summary, citations, and appendices.
6) Citations based on APA style, 6th edition. A paper this length should have, at a minimum, eight high quality, scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.  Strengthen and support your opinions with sources.
Ever since the evolution there are more and more types of theories evolving with a different style. Based on the previous theories new theories are updated and I would like to consider all the theories and frame my own theory so that it will be beneficial to me as well as the organization. As gone through different theories and their benefits I mostly liked the transformational and leader member exchange theories. I would like to adopt these in my leadership with my style by minimizing the weaknesses.
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