Write a focus paper on the necessity of projects as vehicles to accomplish an organization’s strategic goals.

Include in your argument:

–  The evolving changes in the world that will affect the way you manage projects,

–  What human and organizational changes you think will allow for the improvement of project management and,

–  What alternative to project management do you see evolving.

Remember, a focus paper is an argumentative essay that attempts to persuade the reader of the truth or plausibility of a specific claim or position. A focus paper is NOT a summary, commentary, journal entry, personal reflection, analysis, compare and contrast essay, or an expository essay. The objective is NOT to convey information, show how much you know, or analyze a text. Rather, the primary goal is to persuade the reader that an important, interesting, and debatable thesis is true or plausible, and that the alternative position is untenable.

Please note that the assignment should be 5 to 6 pages in length (excluding title page and the reference page) following APA format 6th edition. Make sure to submit the assignment as a word document. Include references at the end of the assignment.