The phenomenon of cancel culture is one of the emerging concepts in the business organization, and it can be described as it is one of the forms of ostracism in which the employees or any person is thrown out of the social and professional circle either in the real world or the connection on the social media. The concept of political correctness is defined as the policies, values, rules, strategies, and regulations to minimize the offensive situation and the risk from a certain group of society. Political correctness is one of the necessary factors that has given the backup to negotiate and discuss the parameters of the agreement as each member would be backup from the risk and vulnerabilities through the use of rules and policies to reduce the offense. The cancel culture has impacted the negotiation and agreement as it can impact the mental stability of employees during the discussion, and there is no backup of rules and regulations. The cancel culture is considered as toxic for negotiation and conflict resolution (Gallina, 2016).

The adoption of the phenomenon of both cancel culture and political correctness are positive for the organizational culture, and the reduction of the conflict as the cancel culture let the people out who try to create the conflict and negativity in the circle. The risks and the vulnerabilities of being involved in a major conflict are minimized. If there is any risk or vulnerability of conflict, then the rules, policies, and strategies of political correctness can be adopted. There is a need to understand the situation and the importance of the cancel culture and political correctness incorporation in the business organizations (Nicolas, 2009). The culture of the organization can be improved.

There is a need to find the good in people as the interaction can be improved. When a person is only willing to find good in people, then the interaction and communication can be improved as the conflict can be reduced. The interaction and communication can also be improved when the space of interaction is provided through peace, calmness, and goodness. The social, cultural values, code of conduct, and ethical parameters can be adopted while interacting, and the gap of communication can be minimized, as well as positive change can be expected (Nicolas, 2009). The comprehensive and positive values are required as the strategy to improve the positive perspective without any negative influence. It is one of the best strategies and approaches to bring positivity.


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