Management homework help. The business plan will summarize all aspects of your venture and is to be presented in the following format:
Title Page (Name of your venture, i.e. proposed company/business name, your name, student id, and email address)
1. Table of Contents (1 page)
2. Executive Summary (not to exceed 2 pages)
Remember: The Executive Summary is prepared after you have written the plan. General overview of the entire plan, key message and content that you want to emphasize as critical.
3. Description of the Proposed Business (The Company)
o Name, vision, mission, company background
o Potential of new venture
o Products and services
o Uniqueness of business (competitive advantage)
4. Industry and Macro Analysis
o Industry characteristics
o Industry growth and future prediction
o General social, economic, technological, political, and environmental factors
5. Market Research Analysis
o Projected market size
o Target customer profile
o Sales projection
o Competitor analysis
6. Marketing Plan
o Product strategy
o Pricing strategy
o Placement strategy
o Promotions strategy
o Sales plan
o Growth plan
7. Operations and Production Plan
o Location advantages (labour, tax, etc.)
o Facilities
o Logistics, distribution, etc.
8. Organization and Management
o Key personnel (include resumes, 2 pages per resume)
o Legal structure
o Organizational structure
o Outside advisors
o General management
9. Financial Projections and Funding Strategy
o Start-up investment
o Pro-forma budgets (sales, cost of goods sold, operations, labour, selling, and general expenses, etc.)
o Cash flow statement
o Estimated income statement
o Balance sheet
o Financial sources at different stages of venture development
10. Risk Analysis and Management
o Risks from competitors
o Industry trends
o Unexpected increases in costs
o Market risks and inability to achieve target sales
o Risk management plan
11. Growth and Harvest Strategy
o Strategies for growth
o Growth projections
o Harvest strategies (if any)
12. Milestones
o Gant Chart (timeline chart)
o Important events
13. Appendices (if any)
14. Bibliography

Management homework help