MGMT 6380

Final Case Review


Selected Case:
“Your Turn: Sports Sales Plan” on pp. 539-540. Read Ch. 10, 11, and 14 before doing this case study.
Answer the following questions in order.

  • You are Michael Salamone. How would you design a commission plan to make your three staff members and administrative team motivated to sell more tickets? Suggest a plan so that your employees can better work on ticket sales. However, you are NOT being asked to develop ways to boost ticket sales.
  • How would you also design a commission plan for advertising sales? Likewise, you are NOT being asked to come up with a measure to raise advertising sales.
  • In designing commission plans, what performance appraisal issue will surface given the facts mentioned in the case?

Submission Window:
      November 30 – December 6, 2020.  No early or late submissions allowed.
Total Points Assigned: 40 pts.
Word Limit, Format & Proofreading:
                  – The case should be analyzed around 500 words. Papers with less than 350 words or over 650 will receive five points fewer than it would have.
                  – The report should be written double-spaced, 12 pts, using the Times New Roman font with normal margins. If you do not follow the format, I will deduct five points. It reveals whether you read this instruction carefully.
                        – More importantly, do not use bullet-point styles or number your sentences. Write a report with complete sentences and paragraphs. Do NOT ever submit a one-paragraph paper. One paragraph should have one main idea. You will receive FIVE points only if you do not comply with these basic rules. If you did not separate paragraphs when you should have, you will also receive penalties.
                        – Avoid using vague pronouns to make your writing clear. Rephrase clearly what you think they refer to.
– All students, whether you are a native speaker or not, MUST install Grammarly and proofread your report. Every typo, basic grammatical error, and punctuation mis- (or non-) use will take off one point each from your score after the second mistake.
General Advice:
Disregard for the following pieces of advice will lead to reduction in points per occurrence.
Below are the things you MUST avoid (Don’ts):

  1. Do not attach cover pages, headers, footers, appendices, tables or figures.
  2. Do not cite other sources. Do not search for answers on the internet. Do not cite the textbook, either.

Write your own report as if you were doing it in the classroom with no other recourse except the textbook.

  1. Do not make groundless assumptions. Read the case carefully multiple times before you begin to write your paper. Use the facts in the case only and do not fabricate your own facts. If you make a false statement, one point will be taken off per each wrong statement.

Examples are as follows:
– Michael Salamone used team incentive plans only (No information on this).
– Advertising profits are not related to team performance.

  1. Do NOT suggest or recommend solutions excessively generic or obvious. All suggestions should be specific to the case and related to the question. Avoid the following examples:

– Suggestions that are so obvious and needless to say
– VP should align their HR practices with its values.
– The Bisons should train its employees.
– VP should use both individual and team incentive plans (specify WHAT plans for each).
– The company should adopt a sales commission plan (this is the question, not the solution).
– suggestions without details
– They should adopt their team incentive plan only (If you argue this way, state a reason, a type and a target of team incentive plans).
– They need other measures to gauge performance (So, what measure?)
– outside the scope of compensation or HRM in general (These are AWFUL suggestions).
– They need to fire one staff member.
– The company should focus on marketing (read the question carefully).
– This company needs to realign strategies to save costs.

  1. If your sentences or paragraphs explicitly contradict each other, it will be deemed that you have not proofread your paper. For example, if you say they should abolish variable pay in one paragraph and argue in another that they should adopt profit-sharing plans, your paper does not make any sense. Multiple points will be taken off per each instance depending on the degree of logical flaws.

Here are the do’s:

  1. Thoroughly read the case and questions more than twice.

Stating wrong facts and not answering the question will prevent you from getting good scores.

  1. Identify relevant class material from the textbook. Find what terms you should use in the textbook.
  2. Use terms and names consistently and correctly. Spell out the term and indicate the abbreviation. Then use the abbreviation afterwards.
  3. Write correct sentences. (For details, see the Case Study 1 briefing.) The following sentences are fabricated examples of frequent grammar errors I see every semester. Check what is grammatically awkward (corrections are only about grammar).
  • The professor say we should pay attention of grammars, however I do not want to do so. Just because I am a maverick. Which means I am special. She should stop to stress that and focus contents of paper.
  • The professor says we should pay attention to grammar, but I do not want to do so. It is just because I am a maverick, which means I am special. He should stop stressing that and focus on the contents of our
  1. Write clear paragraphs.
  2. Use appropriate transition words.
  3. Keep a consistent formal style.
  4. Please proofread your writing.

Use Grammarly for this report and other assignments for your own sake.

  1. Do not search answers on the internet. Do NOT EVER pay to get answers from study guide websites. Again, do not search for answers on the internet. My questions are different from what you may find on the internet. Plagiarism will take a heavy toll on your grade as specified in the welcome document.
  2. If you copy even one clause verbatim, it is plagiarism. I will issue you an official warning and penalties depending on the severity of your dishonesty.
  3. As specified in the welcome document, if you plagiarize your assignments twice, you will fail this course without any exceptions.

Final Words:

  1. Try to answer the questions on your own. Have faith in yourself. If you read Ch. 10 and the case carefully, you can write a decent report.
  2. I will hand out a debriefing note after I am done with grading all of your reports. Please wait to read it before you ask me questions.
  3. I do not accept additional explanations of your paper via BB messages or extenuating circumstances unless they are extraordinary. I grade yours only by what I read.
  4. Ask questions, if you have, through BB. I will answer as quickly as possible. Good luck with the assignment.