The group is to design a facility, including the staffing, operations, marketing etc. The project is to be typed; however essay format is not necessarily the best way to communicate every section (i.e. organizational chart, floor plan, salary expenses etc.). The following must be included in the group portion of the project:

  • Mission statement and vision statement (slogan is optional) – (see link on outline for difference between terms)
  • Description of the company, products, and services
  • Detailed floor plan
  • List of major equipment that will be used in the facility along with price estimates
  • Description of target market (what population is the service tailored towards)
  • Description of how your product or service is different/unique;
  • Market analysis (identify and briefly describe the immediate competition based on the facility’s physical location)
  • Description of your management team/staff, including staffing requirements; job title, main responsibilities and compensation
  • Organizational chart (include why you have chosen this type of model; centralized versus decentralized, see Group Project Supp Doc)
  • Marketing strategies (how you plan to market the service, attract and retain customers)
  • Develop a corporate policy with a central aim of facilitating collaboration across departments (see Group Project Supplemental Doc. in Files tab)
  • Funding proposal (where will funds potentially come from to build the facility)
  • Summary/conclusion that pulls everything together

Give as much detail/explanation as possible.