Management homework help. The purpose of your personal, semester-long project is to give you the experience of understanding, applying and analyzing an organization and an organization’s strategy. As a part of this project, you will act as a “consultant” to help an organization strategically expand operations to a new international market, or to do so in an existing international market more effectively.
Find an organization that is willing to let you conduct a strategic analysis of the organization. The more information and access (access to digital platforms) the company is willing to provide, the better and more detailed your analysis can be. Due to the abbreviated nature of the semester, you may also choose to evaluate a company for whom there exists a decent amount of data publicly. This is not easy to discover, so you’ll want to start looking right away to ensure you have what you need.
Using all of the tools you have learned from your business courses, conduct an analysis to help the organization evaluate international opportunities and create strategic expansion insights. Your analysis will further define/clarify a problem or opportunity you identify, and show how they can improve their current strategy or implement a new strategy you recommend.
For example, in your final report, you could/should:
Provide an overview of the organization, including its products and services.
Identify the organization’s industry.
Identify the organization’s internal and external environment.
Identify the organization’s current international strategy and the objective(s) thereof.
Identify the organization’s distinctive competencies.
Identify the organization’s customers.
Conduct a THREE CIRCLE analysis of the organization as it compares to the organization’s competition.
Assess the future and short-term success of the organization.
I recommend that each person spend a substantial amount of time discovering where the company currently is. If you haven’t adequately defined where the company is, how can you know where the company needs to go?
The final report should be between 10 – 15 pages, 12-point font, 1 inch-margins, single space with graphs and other documentation to support your analysis.

Management homework help