For your Milestone 2 paper about your chosen organization, you will outline your marketing objectives, describe any research you would do, and describe your target market(s). Paper length: 3-4 pp. not including title page and references.

Your text does not go into exhaustive detail on marketing objectives(General Motors), but they really form the basis of your marketing plan. You should read the box on page 249 of your text on how to tell a good objective from a bad one. Basically: specificity and detail. It does not reference SMART objectives, but all the pieces of SMART are there: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. If I give you feedback on your Milestone 2 paper that you have not been specific enough, you will need to rectify that before incorporating Milestone 2 into your final paper.

Remember, papers may only be submitted as Word documents.

PLEASE NOTE: These milestone papers and your final marketing plan are not intended to be “term papers” in which you simply report what has already happened. What we are looking for is your analysis and your ideas. Your assignment is to identify a company with a marketing problem that needs to be solved, and develop a marketing plan of your own to solve the problem.

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