Write a memo applying a marketing concept, methodology, or metric you learned to your work or any personal goal you have.

For instance, you might think of yourself as a ‘product’ and create a canvas matching your skills with a potential career or company (your customer). Or you might prepare for a job interview by creating a growth model (customer acquisition loop, customer engagement loop) for the company interviewing you. If you have a side hustle or entrepreneurial idea, you are welcome to build and test an MVP app or landing page (bubble.io) and report the results of your test. Alternatively, you might think of the goal of improving your own happiness and identify leading and lagging indicators or vanity versus clarity metrics, and a plan to improve your own personal north star metric.

One consistent theme of this course is the importance of considering the customer’s perspective (customer empathy). Over the quarter, we’ve introduced a number of marketing frameworks, methodologies, metrics, and data sources that involve getting customer input into business decisions. Not every student will choose a marketing career, but you will all have customers. Roles related to marketing, sales, consulting, and service providers all have external customers (customers outside the company). Other roles (e.g., with IT, HR, operations, legal, finance functions) will primarily have internal customers (customers inside your company). The goal of this assignment is for students, regardless of their interest in a marketing career, to 1) see the value of a marketing perspective for problem-solving and decision-making and 2) experience an immediate benefit from this course towards a personal goal.