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The annual government taxes for the residents of a country is calculated using the piece-wise function below. f(x) is the annual taxes owed to the government, and x is the person’s annual income.

Piece-wise Function

1a.  Find f(65,000) (5 pts)

1b.  Give a detail explanation of what your result says  (5 pts)

2a.  Find f(40,000)  (5 pts)

2b.  Give a detailed explanation of your results (5 pts)

3a  Find f(20,000)  (5 pts)

3b.  Give a detailed explanation of the result (5 pts)

4a  Find f(8,500)  (5 pts)

4b.  Give a detailed explanation of this result  (5 pts)

5.  Explain why this function had to be piece-wise. Explain how the function works.  (10 pts)