Nursing homework help. Think about your direct supervisor.  Apply the five rights of communication to that relationship.  Tell us what you learned about how you should be communicating with your supervisor.  Do you have to change anything in your approach?

  • The Right Person – QI Manager
  • The Right Route –She prefers scheduled meetings for larger discussions and emails for smaller scale items or just FYI. She doesn’t particularly like “pop in the office” when you want communication.
  • The Right Time – As soon as a concern is identified.
  • The Right Dose –The overall concern with details that particularly pertain to QI
  • The Right Information –The issues identified, goals, budget, objectives, key stakeholders and a timeline

The areas I have identified that I need to change is the route I deliver information to her. My personality type is friendly and I love to stop by her office just to say “hi” or tell her something but have realized her schedule is very full and I may be interrupting her. Another thing I have identified is the right information. Even though she is the manager of QI, if she gives us a project, she doesn’t want to know all the little details. She trust us and is available if we have questions regarding the project but she doesn’t need or want to know every detail about the project.
This TD has helped me identify areas I’m doing okay in and areas I need to improve on as an executive leader. Overall, I feel that I should work on the 5 rights of communication to become a more proficient executive leader. I will use this format moving forward in order to hardwire the concept so that I can be more proficient in communicating and leading,

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