Assignment 1 – Choosing an Attorney (PO4, CO6, ILO.SK4, BIS2, IS1, IS2, AL2, DL3)

Assignment Instructions

Choose the top 3 factors that are important to you in selecting an attorney and assess them the importance of those factors. Develop at least 5 open-ended questions to ask a potential attorney to represent your business. Next, interview at least two attorneys that specialize in small business using your open-ended questions. These interviews can be in-person, by phone, or online. Lastly, write a report that synthesizes the information you gathered and determine which attorney you would select. Explain why.


1. Are you a generalist or a specialist?

2. How long have you practiced law?

3. What are your attorney fees and costs, and how are they billed? Will a portion or all of my case be handled by paralegals or legal assistants

4. Are you well connected?

5. Are you a good teacher?

Minimum 2 pages

Appendix with list of questions

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

APA format