Essay (75 points) You must answer this essay question.
Include at least 10 concepts from the textbook and at least 3 references to other required articles or videos.
Scenario: You are CHRO at a large IT firm. Many employees are moonlighting (using company resources to work on side jobs), looking for work elsewhere, jockeying for political power, and behaving unethically. Around the time you become fully aware of these issues, the CEO suggests a widespread, heavy-handed performance appraisal/disciplinary program. Since you are not sure these behaviors are attributable to one or two “bad apples spoiling the bunch”, explain how you would plan for and execute strategic organizational change.
Be sure to:
· Consider the role of ethical leadership in creating an ethical culture
· Define organizational culture
· Describe the 3 factors that lead to culture formation and perpetuation
· Describe the factors necessary to change this organization’s culture to one of ethical productivity