Outline for a speech

Why is sharingsuccessful in China?

  1. Introduction
  2. Sharing things became a popular business in China
  3. why it doesn’t work in other countries : The populations changes the game directly.
  4. Sharing things
  5. Body

Commercial business models in which a company provides (for a fee) a mobile app that suppliers and customers use to buy and sell goods or services.


In commercial applications, the sharing economy can be more of an ideology or marketing strategy than an actual economic model

  1. what(what is it?)
  2. how(How is it work?)
  3. why(why is  works in China?)
  4. compare with US sharing business


The idea that sharing things works really good in china

The people, the culture and also business.

Most of the staring business are related to the big amount of people in China, that’s why Sharing in China is works really good