You are to prepare a response to the assignment below. Your final paper should be doublespaced, between five to seven pages in length, not counting the cover page or any appendices. You should use 12-point type. You must cite relevant materials from readings and handouts. You should also present your own thoughts concerning this, using observations from your own experiences. You should document all material brought in from sources other than your own thinking using APA style. The final paper will ask students to select a theory discussed in class or readings and conduct a literature review of that chosen theory, as well as an analytical section which compares their current organization (work, student group, etc.) to the chosen theory. The final paper is worth a total of 315 points and is due as a Microsoft Word document attachment in the assignment tool on or before 3/6/20 (Module 8). The paper should include:

• A description of the theory

• A review of the literature based on the chosen theory that includes at least eight references. The review of literature should start with a broad scope and narrow down to your specific organization.

• Description of your organization and how the selected theory relates to the organization. Try to analyze your organization based on topics from class.

Is your organization efficient?

How are the mission or objectives communicated?

Would another theory be more applicable for your organization?

If so, how could you try to facilitate change in the organization?

If you are concerned about anonymity, you do not have to use your organization’s name.

• Use examples from the readings or outside material that supports your ideas