A personal statement similar to one that might be required for an application to graduate school will be due on Monday, March 9.  The statement should be typed,
double-spaced, and 2 to 4 pages in length (with reasonable margins and font size).
1. Introduction (PART A): Begin talking about work- job positions
Some of my information:
In May 2016 to October 2017 I was an employee at an ice manufacturing company in the Republic of Panama. My initial position was to be in charge of the management of 100 inventory spare parts; maintenance, preparation of purchases and keeping inventory. My final position was as a sellers assistant. This consisted of traveling through the country, supervising a total of 20 employees and providing evaluations of the customer service provided to restaurants, hotels, stores, supermarket chains, and others. I reported weekly surveys of any customer complaints, asset losses, any event that affected the quality of service and evaluations of the 20 company employees I supervised. I also assisted with the technical improvement of delivery routes by providing descriptions of the car routes and events that happen during ice delivery including delivery time.
I frequently volunteered with FSU Panama’s Change club and participated in many charity events such as working at animal shelters.
I volunteered at a local orphanage in Panama as a part of my Child Psychology class as well.
1. (PART B) finalizing the introduction
Some of my Information:
I am a bilingual.  I can write and speak in both Spanish and English (important to mention)
2. Body (Part A) begin talking about my college experience
Some of my Information:
I began my studies at Florida State University in the Republic of Panama in May 2016 at the age of 18. In my first year of college, I intended to major in business (but did not like it) unfortunately i did not perform as good as I wanted to.
After my first year, I discovered my passion for psychology and eventually by 2018 I decided to change my major. Since I changed my career and improved my GPA. I have enjoyed my courses in Addictive Behaviors, Brain and Behavior, General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Body Language and Mind, Childhood Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology.
I was very passionate about several topics in that class. I am very curious about the human mind and how social behaviors exist at a subconscious level. I would say i have a strong inclination towards social and personality. I was very interested to learn more about prejudice, stereotyping, personalities and how this is are related to personal, environmental factors and experiences. One of my favorite parts of the class was learning how people have unconscious prejudice of others. Another, of my favorites, was learning how to understand personalities with the different evolutionary and developmental perspectives.
2.Body (Part B) Finalizing the body
In 2018-2019 I also had one of the 4 positions in the Florida state university Cayuco Boat Team. This is a very prestigious sport in Panama. It is a combination of rowing and paddling. essentially it is a VERY demanding sport where you paddle and train for over a year to do a 43-mile race across the Panama canal. This race is called ocean2 ocean because you start in the pacific ocean and finish the race in the Atlantic.
During that time I was also a member of one of the champion dragon boat teams named “friendship”. I participated with this team for the Pan American Dragon boat association and won many podiums across countries. These experiences shaped the person I am today because they taught me many important values.
( group work and coordination, patience, solidarity, endurance, trust and to never give up )
3. Conclusion
Some Information:
I intent to apply to the Florida state graduate program to do a Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology ( maybe do a Ph.D. later)
I am good at team or group work and am always ready to help and share my knowledge. I am very passionate about what I do and because of this, I always give 100% in all of my works. I am very diligent with my responsibilities and the duties that I have to perform. I don’t make up excuses to deliver results and am always ready to listen and learn as much as I can. I will do what I have, to perform my duties as expected and be a positive contribution, including that extra mile if needed.