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Topic: In a new thread, study the following descriptions of two tests and answer the two questions that follow the test descriptions. Then post a reply to a classmate.
Test A: 40 items
Description: Measure of self-esteem
Scales: Total Score, General Self-Esteem, Social Self-Esteem, Personal Self-Esteem
Reliability: Test-retest r = .81; coefficient alphas for the Total Score, General Self-Esteem, Social Self-Esteem, Personal Self-Esteem scales are .75, .78, .57 and .72, respectively.
Validity: Contentdeveloped construct definitions for self-esteem, developed table of specifications, wrote items covering all content areas, used experts to evaluate items. Convergentcorrelated with Coopersmith’s Self-Esteem Inventory (r = .41). Discriminantcorrelated with Beck Depression Inventory (r = .05). Factor analysis revealed that the three subscales (General Self-Esteem, Social Self-Esteem, Personal Self-Esteem) are dimensions of self-esteem. Homogeneitycorrelations between the scales indicate the General scale correlated with the Social scale at .67, the Personal scale at .79, and the Total scale at .89.
Test B: 117 items
Scales: Global self-esteem, competence, lovability, likability, self-control, personal power, moral self-approval, body appearance, body functioning, identity integration, and defensive self-enhancement.
Reliability: Test-retest for each scale ranges from .65 to .71. Coefficient alphas range on each scale from .71 to .77.
Validity:  Contentbased on a three-level hierarchical model of self-esteem. Convergentcorrelated with the Self-Concept and Motivation Inventory (r = .25) and with the Eysenck Personality Inventory (r = .45). Discriminantcorrelated with Hamilton Depression Inventory (r = .19).
Please post your responses to the following questions:

  1. Given this technical information, which of the above instruments would you select?
  2. What additional information would you want to have to make your decision?

Support your thread with at least 2 citations and include Christian worldview or biblical themes were appropriate. Each reply must also include at least 1 citation from class or outside materials.
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Probability homework help