What were some of the accomplishments that happened during the presidency of George Walker Bush? 

George Walker Bush became president during a pressing time for the United States (U.S.). Nevertheless, he had several accomplishments during his two-term presidency. After the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, President Bush responded by allowing the U.S. to invade Afghanistan in order to overthrow those responsible for the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil (“George W. Bush,” 2019). Although they did not succeed in getting the leader, Osama Bin Laden, they did conquer the Taliban government. President Bush was determined to prevent future terrorist attacks, so he created the Department of Homeland Security when he signed the Patriot Act. During 2003, the U.S. attacked Iraq and captured Sadaam Hussein (“George W. Bush,” 2019).

Some of President Bush’s other accomplishments consisted of bills to cut taxes, Medicare programs put in place for the elderly, billions of dollars raised for HIV/AIDS, and the No Child Left Behind Act was signed (“George W. Bush,” 2019). However, these accomplishments took place during his first term. His second term in office did not prove to be as successful. President Bush was accused of attacking the Middle East without justifiable cause, was slow to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and put the U.S. in financial trouble. Due to the two wars the U.S. took place in during President Bush’s presidency and the tax cuts he established, America was facing budget deficits (“George W. Bush,” 2019). This later led to the Great Recession of 2008. While President Bush had many accomplishments, he also had many faults, resulting in his public approval ratings to plummet.


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