1. Syncretism is defined as the combination of different forms of religion or practice. ______
  2. Culture is defined as the entire human made environment in which human beings live. _______
  3. The incarnation of Jesus means that Jesus was God in Human flesh dwelling among us. _______
  4. Indigenization insists that we must change our own ways of thinking and behaving as cross-cultural missionaries to relate to other cultures. _______
  5. No call of any kind is required to be a missionary of Christ. _______
  6. A Christian missionary must have a general call of God to salvation and discipleship before he or she has a special call to vocational ministry. _______
  7. In the missionary appointment process the only way to do missionary work is to commit to long term missions. _______
  8. The 10/40 Window contains the core of unreached people of our world. _______
  9. A majority of the world’s Muslim, Hindus, and Buddhists live in North America. _______
  10. The second largest world religions population is Muslim, while Christianity is the first in numbers of followers. _______
  11. Ethno-linguistic Peoples Group groups the people of the world by the common factor of their ethnicity and language rather than grouping them by only geographic or political boundaries. _______
  12. Unreached people group is people with no Christian church movement having sufficient strength, resources, and commitment to sustain and ensure the continuous multiplication of churches. _______
  13. Allah is similar to Jesus Christ in offering grace to his followers instead of works as the primary means of salvation. _______
  14. The three largest populated countries in the world are: China, India, and USA. _______
  15. The Southern Baptist Convention sends the largest number of missionaries of all Protestant denominations. _______
  16. It is not important for a foreign missionary to have a connection with a home church(es). _______
  17. The gift of apostleship is very important for an effective missionary. _______
  18. The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention emphasizes long-range commitment and service, regarding as basic the concept of the career missionary. _______
  19. Learning the native language of the country in which a missionary serves is not important in proclaiming the gospel. _______
  20. There are no educational requirements for being appointed as a full time missionary with a North American Mission Board or the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. _______
  21. A Christian missionary should accept that all world religions are but different ways to salvation, that there is no real difference in the truths they proclaim. _______
  22. A core belief of any Muslim must be the Five Pillars of Islam. _______
  23. It is not important for a full-time missionary to identify and equip new leaders. _______
  24. A full-time cross-cultural missionary should have a goal to train indigenous leaders to take over the work of the new church or ministry. _______
  25. The founder of Islam world religion is Muhammad. _______
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