Discussion Board: In the beginning of the semester, we talked about the American Dominant Ideology. A core part of this ideology is the belief that anyone has a fair chance to be financially successful in the US. That is, it is the idea that society is a meritocracy and that anyone that has the drive and just works hard enough, can succeed. We have covered several policies and practices this semester that impact a person’s chances of social mobility (such as tax expenditures -including housing deductions or tax exemptions for educational facilities, redlining, public housing laws, and continued segregation in schools to name a few). Reflect on how some US policies have created advantages or disadvantages to some people in society. Do you think society should play a greater role in providing a level playing field so that social mobility reflects a person’s drive and ability, rather that the social status to which they are born? And if so, what policies might you advocate for to attain that goal?