There are several social issues surronding the concepts of  Freedom of Religion vs Freedom from Religion. I have listed a few below – you may have others.  Pick 2 different issues (either from the list below or something else you are interested in)

For each issue: 

  • state what issue you  picked – state your sources (3)
  • find a source for each side of the arguement – what information did they provide to support their position? (10 pts)
  • after looking at both sides – what do you think? (5 pts)

Should American Laws be based on religious beliefs?

Should business be allowed to deny services based on their religious beliefs?

Should ‘In God We Trust’ be on American currency?

Should abstinence sex education be taught in schools?

Should people swear on a bible before they testify in court?

Should foster care and adoption agencies be able to refuse to place children with same sex couples based on religious beliefs?

Should prayers be part of public events (school, government, etc)?

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